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2014 SACA Chinese New Year Celebration

SACA Members and Friends

Happy New Year!

SACA and the City of Largo will be hosting the Chinese New Year celebration at Largo Central Park on Saturday Feb. 1, 2014 (10 a.m to 4 p.m.). This will be the largest and only out-door Chinese New Year celebration in the Tampa Bay area. In addition to Chinese crafts / food vendors, there will be lion and dragon dances, traditional Chinese performances, and children games. This celebration is free and open to the public. Please tell your friends (SACA and non-SACA members) about this event. Official flyers (both English and Chinese versions) are available.

2014 SACA Chinese New Year Celebration Flyer


In addition to Chinese food / craft vendors and performances, USF medical students will provide free health (blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar) screening. For the children, the Largo Central Park mini-train will be running. Furthermore, there will be a Chinese Yo-Yo demonstration and workshop for all.

It is tradition to wait 100 days before naming a panda cub. SACA has adapted a “Panda” (see below). Join our Facebook on the naming contest. The name will be revealed on the Chinese New Year celebration in Largo Central Park. Furthermore, there will be a photo booth in which attendees can take photos with the Panda.
SACA Panda

Come and join us on Saturday Feb. 1, 2014 @ Largo Central Park to celebration Chinese New Year. Again, this event is free and open to the public.

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2013 SACA Mid-Autumn Festival

Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon celebration is the equivalent of a Thanksgiving holiday.  It is to appreciate rich harvests, hard work and family.  A popular tradition of the Mid-Autumn Moon observance is to eat “moon cakes”.  Moon Cakes are pastries filled with red bean or lotus bean paste with a yellow cooked yolk or salted duck egg in the middle to symbolize the moon.

Suncoast Association of Chinese Americans (SACA) will be hosting the 2013 Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival at Safety Harbor Community Center, 650 9th Ave South, Safety Harbor, Florida 34695 on Saturday, September 21, 2013, 4 p.m. until 8 p.m.

Open to public.  SACA Members: free; Non-Members: $2.00 admission.  Indoor event.  Children are welcome. Free moon cakes for Members (2 per family, while supply lasts).

There will be kids’ games, arts, crafts, food and entertainment for all to experience.  There will also be on stage performances including lion dance, traditional folk dance, Tango and Ballroom dance demo, kung fu demonstration, and Chinese instruments.


Click on above picture to see the official Mid-Autumn Festival flyer or download the PDF version on the following link:

2013 SACA Mid-Autumn Festival Flyer in PDF format


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2013 SACA Dragon Boat Festival

Published on June 3, 2013, by in SACA Events.

Come and join us on June 8, 2013 @ Shelter 2, Philippe Park, Safety Harbor, FL (11 AM to 3 PM).

What is the Dragon Boat Festival?

Also known as Duanwu Festival and poets day, it is a festival in memory of a famous poet who lived in China. Celebrations include eating and drinking various foods and series of dragon boat races. Even outside of this holiday, dragon boats remain a popular sport in China, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Origin of the Dragon Boat Festival

The most popular belief behind the Dragon Bot Festival is that of a famous poet. The legend states that after being banished and exiled for opposing the alliance between his own king and the other state, he committed suicide by drowning himself on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. Local people had paddled in the river to search for his body and to scare away the fish. There are many other theories throughout time that dictate the origin behind the dragon boat festival. Some theories include one about an advisor to the king who committed suicide in the river after the king ignored his advice which led to the demise of the king’s kingdom.

According to the most popular theory of the poet, after his suicide the local people had paddled into the river in search of his body and to scare away the fish. Overseas this celebration is celebrated in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. Although it is not an official public holiday in those countries.

For the official flyer, please click on the following link:


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